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Spalted sycamore maple - strawflower - gloss black branch handles


19 in long, 11. in wide, 3/4 in thick




Every serving board comes with a personal buffing kit to keep your board happy and healthy.


Buffing Kit includes:

2 oz. jar of our own blend of mineral oils

1 square inch of very fine scotchbrite pad 

1 square inch of terry cloth


All of our products are sealed with a top of the line, all natural oil and wax product.  We avoid all harsh chemicals when cleaning and caring for our boards.  After using your board, simply wipe it with a damp or dry cloth (depending on what you were serving) and wait for it to dry off completely.  Once dry, apply a small amount of oil to the board and massage it into the wood with the scotchbrite pad.  Let the oil sit for an hour, and then buff off completely with the terry cloth or any soft natural fiber cloth.  


*although every board is sealed completely with natural oil and wax, we do reccommend avoiding foods like beets and strawberries directly on the board as they may stain the board.   Simply using a small ceramic or wooden ramekin will allow you to include them in your charcuterie board presentation while also protecting your serving board.  


**We take great pride in the quality of our products.  Every piece of wood is dried to the appropriate moisture content level before working with it.  That being said, wood still has a mind of its own.  If your board cracks or warps in any way, please contact us here and we will be happy to repair your board to its former glory. 

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